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Aspen Music Festival and School: Summer Concert Series

Every year around the end of June, Aspen and Snowmass become a classical music Shangri-la. Over 600 students from over 40 states and 40 countries travel from the ends of the country, and the world, to participate in the prestigious festival.

For many, this is something they have dreamt of for much of their lives. It’s an opportunity to study and be instructed by some of the greatest classical musicians in the world and take their skills and performing abilities to a higher level.

The festival’s history runs deep in the town of Aspen. Originally founded in 1949 by Walter and Elizabeth Paepcke, the festival was initially a celebration of the 18th-century German writer Johann Wolgang von Goethe. The event included intellectual discussions and musical acts and eventually led to the creation of the Aspen Music Festival and School as well as the Aspen Institute.

Following that first year that led to two of Aspen’s most notable organizations, participants returned and brought their best music students with them. That first year acting as a school, the festival hosted over 180 students.

Since then major artists have performed on the festival stages such as conductor James Levine, Duke Ellington and his orchestra, Aaron Copland, otherwise known as “the Dean of American Composers,” and John Denver. Learn more about the Aspen Music Festival and School’s fascinating history here.

In just a few weeks, the students will arrive for the intense 8-week session and begin their studies, practice and performances. There are over 400 performances, classes, lectures and panels put on by the festival. Many of these performances are also open to community at large.

Today, the school offers programs ranging from opera to guitar, molding the new generation of classically trained concert artists. As mentioned, the facility has no shortage of space and resources to practice and perform, especially with the recent additions to the 105,000-square-foot campus.

Over the full 8-week program, students have the opportunity to attend and participate in over 400 performances, classes, lectures and panels. Many of these performances are also open to community at large.

Throughout the intense couple months, students work one-on-one with teachers, practice in groups and study a variety of material to hone their skills and prepare for the numerous shows they are expected to perform in.

Shows start June 28th and continue every single day until late August. To see the entire lineup visit the festival website here. Tickets often sell out quickly so don’t wait long.

If you’re a classical music fan but like a quieter setting, Stonebridge Condominiums is the perfect place to rest your head after watching one of the many world renowned shows. Check our site to see if there’s any rooms left around your favorite performances. Similar to the festival, we’ll sell out quickly!

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