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Denver to Snowmass – Road Trip Guide

Snowmass may be an extra hour and a half past your typical Front Range resorts, but we’re sure you’ll get that time back in with the lack of lift lines and daily traffic. We all know of these dreaded lift lines we speak of – the epic run and excitement to get back up, only to see a few hundred people waiting at the bottom for the same thing. Well, in Snowmass, and our other three surrounding resorts, we don’t really have those. We may have  a quick 2 minute wait for Alpine Springs on a powder day, but you won’t find it wrapping it out the gates.

This is why we’ve put this road trip guide together from Denver to Snowmass. Because we think you deserve better.

Step 1 – Preparation

No road trip is complete without proper snacks. The drive from Denver to Snowmass is a 3 1/2 hour drive in the winter and about 3 hours in the summer, not a marathon but not a sprint either. You’ll need proper nourishment for the way if you want to enjoy the trip and stop for sights rather than gas station convenience stores.

We recommend keeping the snacking healthy, so you are prepared for the amazing skiing to be had in the future. Nuts, fruit, coconut water, jerky, banana chips, trail mix and the occasional snickers are a few of our favorites.

If you are living early in the morning, packing the car the night before is always a good move. No one wants to forget that favorite sock because you packed half asleep in the morning.

If you’re leaving straight from work, same plan. Pack beforehand, have your snacks and beverages ready and hit the road as soon as the clock strikes 5, or maybe 3:30 if you can manage it!

A strong selection of music, podcasts or a good audiobook is guaranteed to make the trip from Denver to Snowmass at least 3X as enjoyable. Choose your selection beforehand. Nobody likes the driver that’s staring at their phone on the highway.

Step 2 – On the Road

You are on the road to Snowmass. Your snacks are by your side and the radio is playing your favorite road trip tunes. This drive could fly by without noticing before you are in Snowmass, or you could stop by a variety of beautiful pit stops and really soak in the trip. Here are a few of our favorites on the way:

Saddleback Mountain – A beautiful short hike that many Denver locals may have already explored. If not, have a look on your trip from Snowmass to Denver.

Dillon Reservoir – In the summer, its a boating favorite, in the winter, this reservoir is a little quieter and perfect spot to stop for lunch.

Hanging Lake – Depending on the snow level, this is accessible throughout the year. In the summer this pristine lake is a tourist haven, but in the winter you might just have it to yourself. Here is the location.

Glenwood Canyon – There’s a handful of places to pull off and really enjoy these massive canyon walls that you drive through to get to Snowmass. Pick any one and take your time!

Penny Hot Springs – This ones about 20 minutes out of the way but who doesn’t love a good hot springs? Here is the location. Beware of naked hippies.

Frying Pan River – Just outside of Basalt is one of the best fly fishing rivers in the world. If you’re not a fisherman or woman, it’s still a phenomenal sight in the Winter or Summer.

Step 3 – Arrival

You’ve made it! You’ve finished the gargantuan task of driving from Denver to Snowmass. Not so bad, right?

Now enjoy yourself in our mountain paradise and don’t worry about the drive back after skiing. Just about everything is walking distance in Snowmass Village. Aspen and Snowmass are well known for their apres culture and since you don’t have to worry about driving the hour and a half home, you are free to partake. Stonebridge Condominiums is just a quick walk from both the mall and village and located conveniently right on the ski hill.  Have a look at our wide variety of luxury slopeside condos right here.

If you’d like to learn a little more about where to go and what to do around Snowmass, have a look at our Ultimate Guide to Snowmass Village.



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