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Early Season Ski Tips

The slopes are open and it’s time to get out there for some early season laps! There are a few common mistakes that many visitors make when skiing or snowboarding early on in the season. Here’s a few tips to avoid trip-ups and enjoy the sunny warm days:

Don’t ride your new skis or board until there’s a significant base coverage.

This is a dreadful mistake we’ve all made. Taking those brand new skis out on opening day, only to hit an exposed rock and damaging your equipment. Be cautious when riding in low levels of coverage and use older gear if you have it.

Wax your skis or board accordingly.

The warm weather that is common early on in the season makes it difficult to carry speed across flat spots on the mountain. Be sure to wax your equipment or have it waxed with the correct temperature to ensure maximum fun levels and minimal stress levels.

Dress accordingly.

While it may be winter, temperatures are likely to still be high. Check the weather report before heading out and don’t be afraid to ditch your winter coat in exchange for a flannel or sweatshirt. Removable layers are key to avoid overheating.


Soak up the sun deck.

During the first couple weeks of winter, many of the runs are closed while we wait for more snow. This is the perfect opportunity to hit the sundeck or apres spot with friends. You probably won’t get the best skiing of your life in November, but that doesn’t mean the days can’t be memorable and fun!



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