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New Year’s Eve Torchlight Parade and Fireworks

The Snowmass Torchlight Parade on December 31st is an annual experience you won’t forget. Parents and children 8 years and up are invited to join the downhill parade ending at Fanny Hill. There is no tradition quite like the Snowmass Torchlight Parade, and it is an experience for you and your kids long after the new year.

The parade will begin at 6:00 pm and later in the evening the mountain will be lit up by breathtaking fireworks at 10:00 pm. If you have never seen a torchlight parade before, you’re in for a unique treat.

There will also be prix fixe and à la carte specials at many of the restuarants throughout Snowmass. Dine with the entire family and enjoy an early fireworks show rather than staying up late into the night.

Here’s a bit of inspiration to join the festivities:

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