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No Need for Screen Time – Plan Your Smartphone Free Family Vacation

We spend enough time on our screens at home. It’s time to leave those things in the room while you visit Snowmass.

With all the adventures to be had here, you won’t have time to scroll through Instagram and see what other people are doing. You’ll be doing it all right here, in the center of the Rocky Mountains and heart of Colorado.

Tips for Avoiding the Phone

  • Everyone check their phone once in the morning to make sure nothing urgent needs acknowledging. If you have the sort of job that requires it, this can be extended to once in the evening as well. Chances that something dire will happen in the 12 hours you’re away from your screen are low. What do you think people in the 80s did on vacation?
  • Stow all of the phones in one place to hold the whole family accountable. Not even Mom gets to check Facebook while we’re practicing a screen-free vacation. One exception – if you’re going hiking, it is good to have at least one phone in case you lose the way.
  • Pause Netflix. Why watch TV when there’s so many family friendly evening events in Snowmass and Aspen? Instead, check out Ullr Nights, the 67th Winterskol Celebration or one of Aspen’s many fabulous restaurants!
  • Your vacation posts can wait until after the trip! Rather than wasting your precious time in Snowmass trying to think of a caption for your social media post, hold off till you’re firmly landed safely at home.
  • Enjoy the outdoors with your family. There’s no better place to do it in the country (maybe we’re a little biased). Rather than staring at a screen, we’ve got mountains, trees, lakes and rivers to have a solid gander at.


Put down your phone or you might miss this!


Do you have any tips for screen-free vacations? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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