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When and Where to Mountain Bike in Snowmass

Mountain bike season has arrived in Snowmass and the world famous Bike Park opens June 21st. Yet there are still countless cross country trails to ride and some of the best biking in the valley resides in Snowmass Village.

Mountain biking has long been a popular sport in Snowmass and Aspen. At Stonebridge Condominiums, we’re lucky to sit hillside on one of the best downhill courses in the world. And don’t just take it from us, ask the pros who compete on the Enduro World Circuit. This worldwide competition chose Snowmass for their US stop.

Yet it’s not just the downhill biking that makes Snowmass a great destination, this little town is also jam-packed with cross-country rides and fantastic traverses. Here are a couple of great ones we highly recommend:

Rim Trail to Seven Star

According to MTB Project, Rim trail is “one of the best singletrack rides in the valley. It’s a great loop including lots of climbing on the bike path to 7 miles of great singletrack.” Add Seven Star to that and you’re looking at a fantastic 11-mile ride. Another great part of this ride, its about two minutes away from Stonebridge!


Another thrilling trail just minutes from Stonebridge. This is a bit more technical but still doable for any semi-experienced rider. One rider called Deadline a:

Bike optimized downhill recommended flow style trail with great bermed turns and tons of fun jumps.

Tom Blake

More of a mellow traverse, this 4-mile ride is an achievable feat for anyone, new or experienced to mountain biking, and still a wonderful ride. You’ll wind through aspen forests, up and down some gradual gradient and come out on the other side of Snowmass.

Yet before you make the journey to Snowmass to ride your favorite trail, here are the opening and closing dates (mostly for wildlife rehab and migratory patterns) for some popular rides:

  • Anaerobic Nightmare Trail: April 25 – June 21
  • Sequel Trail: April 25 – June 21
  • Tom Blake Trail: April 25 – June 21
  • Government Trail east of Elk Camp Work Road: May 15 – June 21
  • Rim Trail North: December 1 – May 16
  • Seven Star Trail: December 1 – May 16
  • Upper North Mesa Equestrian Trail: December 1 – May 16
  • Sky Mountain Park: December 1 – May 16

If mountain biking isn’t your cup of tea, there’s also road biking galore surrounding Snowmass but we’ll save that for our next blog post!

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